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Everywhere that Laura Fygi visits, she is a veritable vision of exotica. In her home country of the Netherlands, they know her as the woman who was raised in Uruguay as the daughter of an Egyptian belly dancer; in the Far East, she is the emancipated Western lady who many others aspire to be. But wherever she may be, there is one common factor in all of those locations: that instantly recognizable voice which has won her hearts all over the globe.

Laura performed all over Europe, South America, and Asia, and as a Dutch singer, she even managed to conquer the Chinese market, a unique achievement!

Since her dance hits with the girl group Centerfold in the early 1980s, Laura has traveled down numerous musical pathways, such as Jazz, Latin, and chansons, not shying away from any genre which rendered collaborations with such music luminaries as the late Toots Thielemans, Michel Legrand, and Michael Franks. Laura has also been presented with various gold and platinum discs and awards, as well as playing the lead role in Singapore of her favorite musical Victor/Victoria.

In 2012 she signed a contract with one of China’s largest record companies and recorded the CD Flower specifically for the Asian market. It contained original Chinese compositions that Laura had arranged in her own style. Some songs were translated into English and French, but she also sang four songs in original Chinese Mandarin, which thrilled her audience!

In 2015, Laura celebrated her 25th anniversary as a solo artist. Previously being under contract with Universal Music Netherlands, her career had moved to the Asian part of the world, so the next step was a logical one… She signed a worldwide record deal with Universal Music in Asia, and in 2016 a brand new CD was released titled Jazz Love. Laura selected several popular pop songs and had arrangements written in her own unique style. Bossa, swing, soft jazz, songs from Sade, the Beatles, Alicia Keys, and Don McLean gained a whole new dimension!

Various concerts followed, including the Xiamen Jazz Festival in January 2017, where she was one of the headliners. She was accompanied by the JZ Big Band from Shanghai, which by then was considered to be her permanent backing band.

The success of this CD led to a unique project in China. Laura signs with the JZ Music label in Shanghai and records an album that was released on (lilac!) vinyl! Of course, the album is also available digitally, but given the rediscovery of the traditional LP in China, it is a very popular collector’s item. The album is titled Laura Goes East and contains her personal interpretation of well-known international evergreens that everyone in Asia knows, such as When I Fall In Love, Moon River, and What A Wonderful World. And….she also recorded a duet in Chinese with local celebrity Li Quan!

However, back in the Netherlands, Laura is certainly not finished either! She performs regularly with various accompanying orchestras and has developed a special program with Trio Galantes. This trio consists of 3 passionate classically trained South American musicians who share her passion for Latin music.

Looking at a career of almost 30 years and 17 albums to her name, Laura Fygi can be proud of what she has achieved! Both the class of her voice and her appearance remain unchanged. Husky, with beautiful diction and great timing which has already been compared to that of Peggy Lee and the intimacy of Julie London.

This jazz diva still has a lot coming….