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Hilton Haring Party

18 June 2018
Another great edition of the Hilton Haring Party together with my favorite fashion designer Sheila de Vries!

Business Class

1 May 2018
It was great again at Business Class; together with Vincent Grit!

Full house with the Dutch Police Orchestra

28 December 2017
Full house at the last concert of this year with the Dutch Police Orchestra!

My Fair Lady

9 November 2017
Last weekend I was at the premiere of My Fair Lady. Fantastic!

Chang Jiang Music Festival

6 October 2017
Loved performing at the Chang Jiang Music Festival!

My bags are packed for the China tour!

21 September 2017
My bags are packed for the China tour!

This year’s first haring

16 June 2017
This year’s first haring arrived at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. What a great party it was!

Guus Meeuwis as 1st ambassador of Muziekids

25 May 2017
Last weekend, Guus Meeuwis was honored as the 1st ambassador of Muziekids with the founder of the Robbert de Vos foundation in the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg.

The Laura Fygi Tulip

24 April 2017
Every year the Keukenhof puts the Laura Fygi Tulip in the spotlight again!

Dutch police orchestra!

6 April 2017
We did an amazing show with the Dutch police orchestra! I never felt so safe!